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Capullo Montessori

Spanish/English Bilingual Montessori Preschool in Boise, Idaho



Capullo Montessori now enrolling new students for fall 2020.

About Us





My name is Silvia Collins.  I am a loving wife and a mother of three beautiful children. I have found great happiness in pursuing a career as an American Montessori Society Certified  Preschool Teacher.  I have had a great success in working for several different Montessori schools as well as many other preschools in the Boise area. I have been working with children for over 18 years now. In that time my passion for working with young children has grown immensely. I am originally from Quito, Ecuador. As such, I am a native speaker of Spanish. I enjoy sharing my language and culture with children. I have decided to open my own Montessori preschool at my home and would like to personally invite you to learn more about what Capullo Montessori has to offer.


- Silvia O. Collins

What is Capullo?


Capullo (KAH-poo-yo) is the Spanish word for flower bud or cocoon.  Maria Montessori said:

"We cannot know the consequences of suppressing a child's spontaneity when he is just beginning to be active. We may even suffocate life itself. That humanity which is revealed in all its intellectual splendor during the sweet and tender age of childhood should be respected with a kind of religious veneration. It is like the sun which appears at dawn or a flower beginning to bloom. Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to live."


"I have a strong belief that children when given the opportunity, can begin an early education that will continue to flourish and enhance their education throughout their lives."

- Silvia O. Collins