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Capullo Montessori

Spanish/English Bilingual Montessori Preschool in Boise, Idaho





The core curriculum of Capullo Montessori classroom consists of practical life, sensorial exercises, math and language, geography and culture. These areas of the classroom have activities for all preschool ages, and lay the foundation for learning throughout the child's life.





The skills learned in this area of the classroom lay a foundation for the rest of the curriculum. We introduce socialization skills and the work cycle, and practice fine and gross motor skills. The lessons teach responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment. They encourage independence and promote the development of a sense of order. Some examples are: spooning and pouring, scrubbing, polishing, sewing, food preparation, and grace and courtesy lessons.





These lessons sharpen the senses through comparing and contrasting activities, such as matching, grading, and sequencing objects. Together, these activities form the foundation for mathematical, musical and scientific studies. Examples in the sensorial area are: matching sounds or smells, matching or grading colors, grading by size, and learning plane and solid shapes.





In this area children begin with the very concrete and move to the more abstract. A variety of objects are introduced to learn basic number concepts; place value is learned through manipulating the golden beads. Some examples are: sandpaper numerals for learning the symbols 1–9, the spindle box for understanding the concept of the 'teen boards and ten boards for matching quantity and symbol, and the golden beads for understanding the decimal system and performing mathematical operations.





Our language materials are phonetically based and will help your child develop the skills needed for verbal communication, reading, and writing. Examples in this area include games that provide opportunities for speaking, sandpaper letters for learning the sounds of the alphabet, the movable alphabet for constructing words and sentences, as well as many opportunities for reading and metal insets of design for perfecting the pencil grip.





The core curriculum is supplemented with these additional areas of the classroom: geography science, nature studies, art, and materials for the understanding of culture. In these areas of the classroom, the children learn to understand and appreciate the world around them.





Music, art, and science are an integral part of the program. Art appreciation is one of the children’s favorites. We explore periods of art history and specific artists through stories, games, and creative expression using a variety of media





In our Immersion classroom children will listen and eventually speak Spanish, gradually becoming bilingual and bicultural. It is a great advantage to expose the children to a foreign language in early ages.

Being able to speak and understand a new language is a great asset that will allow your child to contribute and compete globally in our ever changing world.
Our objectives are to encourage and enjoy the Spanish language and provide a strong foundation for your child’s academic as well as emotional and social development.

Since the Montessori system supports self-paced learning with self-correcting materials with an intensive usage of images, children will have lots of opportunities to practice a new language.